Cycles for Phonology
     Private course for the Fairfax County Public Schools
Cycles is structured and streamlined (which we love because not much is in this field) which means you are NOT going to target EVERY sound the child has in error, but instead target specific sounds under each primary pattern. In other words, you are only going to target a small number of the sounds that may be in error. For example, you will target s-blends to correct strident sounds. What are strident sounds? All the noisy sounds in our speech like singleton /s, z, f, v/, and the “sh”, “ch”, “dz”, and “zh” know as palatal sounds. Can you wrap your head around NOT having to target all of those sounds, targeting ONLY s-blends, AND seeing carryover to CONVERSATION of all of the sounds above? It is hard to believe until you see it happen over and over again.

If you struggle with remediating phonological delays, this seminar is for you! The instructor will take participants through an overview of delivery and scoring of the Hodson Assessment of Phonological Processes-3 (HAPP-3) and then you will use that to design a Cycle in breakout groups! This is the best way to learn how to use this approach because designing a Cycle is the hardest part, but not after this seminar. You will use the Cycles Guidelines and Organizational Chart to assist you in this process as it is THE ROADMAP to designing and implementing Cycles as early as tomorrow!

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