Learn How To Do Teletherapy on Zoom

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Course overview
This seminar specifically trains on the Zoom Platform and will cover the following: Devices Speed Test of your Internet Direct internet connections vs. WIFI Use of extra screens (not needed, but nice!) Settings Setting up meetings/sharing links Screen sharing Using your phone as a document camera Setting up a therapy table in front of your computer White Board and Annotating (drawing) on the shared screen iPad mirroring Giving remote control Using TWO mice on your computer Using your desk as a therapy table they can see Limitations of specific devices Boom Cards Interactive PDFs Zoombombing Plus many other aspects of providing teletherapy!

Our students love us

The information was presented well. It was clear, concise and easy to follow. The presenter provided excellent examples and an opportunity for hands on learning. I enjoyed the e-learing format because it allowed me to focus on the material and tackle it at my own pace.
I love how all the information we needed was provided and we did not have to take notes!! It allowed me to be more attentive to the presentation.
The seminar and presentation style was perfect. Everything was presented in a way I would understand!
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